You can enjoy your freedom with Goldwood. You can feel the pleasure of playing music, only you and your sound.

We are daily in contact with a lot of information and input, a universe of images made also of our own ones on Internet. Although the communication is immediate, the common feeling is that we are losing ourselves. Conventions are so important in society, but they forbid us to highlight our true ideas and emotions.

Goldwood want to give you a way out of the ordinary, a way to enjoy the depth and complexity of thoughts. Goldwood want to be you friend in these moments, making musical instruments accessible to all budgets.

There are two lines of acoustic guitars which are different for technical and sound characteristics. Both are modulated in the Dreadnought, Grand Auditorium and Parlour shapes, in satin and glossy finishes, in Natural and Sunburst colors.

Our guitars will be your companions from the rehearsal room to the stage, but also when you play on the sofa or with friends in one of your adventures.